The Best Methods for Generating Annuity Leads

The methods that you use to generate annuity leads could be the difference between regular sales and long dry spells. As with insurance lines, you should implement a variety of strategies to ensure the generation of hot leads that can be converted into sales.

Direct Mail

Many years ago, direct mail was the best way for insurance agents to generate new business. From letters to postcards, this often times returned the best results.

Since many agents and brokers have put direct mail on the back burner, now may be the time to focus more heavily on this strategy.

With direct mail, you can target consumers in a specific area. Additionally, you have the ability to target both fresh consumers as well as current clients.


You either like cold calling or you don’t. Regardless of your feelings, this is still one of the best ways to generate annuity leads. It may take you 20 + phone calls to find somebody who is interested, but when you finally make a sale you will look back and realize that your hard work was well worth it.

Purchase Annuity Leads Online

Why put so much time into your marketing strategy when you don’t have to? Cold calling 25 random consumers could take in upwards of one hour. When everything is said and done, you may not have contacted a single person who is interested in your products.

When you purchase annuity leads online, though, you know that everybody you contact is interested in buying. This allows you to spend more time selling annuities and less time marketing your offerings.

These are three of the best methods for generating annuity leads. Are you taking advantage of these strategies?