Online Annuity Leads

In the past, agents interested in generating annuity leads were forced to make cold calls and send thousands of pieces of direct mail. While there is nothing wrong with implementing a diverse strategy, it is essential to focus a large portion of your time and money on online annuity leads.

When compared to traditional methods, using the internet to generate annuity leads is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Real time delivery of leads
  • The ability to purchase leads based on your schedule and budget
  • Allows for more time selling your products and less time marketing

Do you have any interest in purchasing annuity leads online? If so, just use the state based search form above to see which companies offer leads in your area.

Although buying annuity sales leads online is a good start, you won’t make any money unless you convert consumers into customers. Here are several tips that can help you increase your conversion ratio:

  • Focus on buying high quality leads that have been prescreened for quality
  • Purchase exclusive annuity leads to ensure that you are the only person receiving the information
  • Follow through until the consumer tells you that he or she has purchased elsewhere and/or no longer interested

With more and more people beginning to consider the benefits of buying an annuity, the number of available online leads will continue to increase.

By focusing your time and energy online, you have the ability to buy as many annuity leads as necessary without wasting countless hours marketing your products to consumers who are not in the market.