How to Compare Annuity Lead Companies

Knowing how to compare annuity lead companies could be the difference between spending your marketing dollars wisely and making mistakes that will cost you a lot of time and money.

Agents who are interested in selling annuities are well aware of the benefits associated with buying leads online.

The following details will point you in the right direction as you begin to compare annuity lead companies in an attempt to find the provider that is best for you and the way that you like to conduct business.

  • How many agents receive the lead? Exclusive leads – those that are only sold to one person – are much better than those that are sent to multiple agents. At the high end, there are companies that sell one lead to up to eight agents. Are you comfortable with this much competition?
  • Quantity. There is nothing worse than wanting to buy annuity leads, just to find that your provider does not have anything to send your way.

Note: and are well known for both their quality as well as their ability to provide as many fresh leads as necessary.

  • The ability to use filters. No two annuity leads are the same. For this reason, the use of filters is very important. This allows you to purchase leads based on specifications including age, geographical location, and annuity type/value.

Free Offers

Since many annuity lead companies appear to be the same on the surface, you often times have to dig deeper to find the one that is best for you. Companies that offer free leads allow you to learn more without having to spend any money upfront.

Once you are through comparing annuity lead companies, you can decide where to spend your money. The right decision could lead to an immediate positive impact on your sales numbers.