How to Buy Annuity Leads Online

With so many ways to generate annuity leads, agents and brokers often spend too much time dealing with unsuccessful strategies.

Once you begin to buy annuity leads online, you will find yourself with more time for selling. Subsequently, you will increase your ratio of converting prospects to sales.

Even if you are new to buying annuity sales leads, the process is simple to understand.

  1. Find a company that offers these types of leads. There are many providers to consider including but not limited to:,,,, and
  2. Set your filters. Rather than buy any and every annuity lead that is available, consider setting filters based on your requirements. For example, you could filter results by geographic location. This allows you to focus on selling to consumers in your particular region.
  3. Focus on multiple annuity types. Some of your options include: variable annuity leads index annuity leads, and fixed annuity leads. Which one of these is your best seller?

Final Tip

With more and more annuity leads being sold online, it is important to set a budget that you are comfortable with. This will ensure that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely, while also maximizing your chance of turning a profit month after month.

With this advice, you are now ready to buy annuity sales leads online. Soon enough you will be converting these hot leads into new customers.