Annuity Leads

As more and more people reach retirement age, the number of consumers in the market for annuities will continue to rise. As an insurance agent or broker, you are in the unique position to capitalize on this growth over the next five to ten years.

At, we are here to provide you with information on all aspects of annuity leads. While cross-selling to current customers is a great method of generating business, you should never turn your head at fresh leads.

Annuity leads can be purchased online through a fast and efficient process. While searching for companies that sell leads, focus on those that fit into one of the following categories:

  • Providers that offer pre-defined leads
  • Companies that sell annuity leads along with other related products, such as life insurance, final expense, and long term care

It is natural for agents that sell life insurance, long term care insurance, and final expense insurance to focus some time on the annuity side of the industry.

There are many benefits of targeting this market at the present time, including:

  • A growing industry thanks to an increasing number of retirees interested in organizing their income for the future
  • No cost to the consumer outside of the money contributed to setup regular annuity payments
  • Selling an annuity can open the door to additional opportunities, such as long term care insurance (consumers often buy both around the same time)

By purchasing annuity leads online, agents can focus more time on selling and less time on marketing related tasks.

With the assistance of, you will find yourself on the path to generating more annuity leads than ever before.

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